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When it comes to decorating interiors, some say flooring is boring and is the least exciting part of the design process.  For many years, wall to wall carpet was the solution to all flooring surfaces.  Even kitchens and baths were once popular rooms to carpet.  Today; flooring trends have dramatically changed to hard finish surfaces throughout a home and are the leading product in the flooring industry, over and beyond carpet.  Using hard finish surfaces throughout a home provides a crisp, clean look; sometimes leaving a cold and UN inviting feel.  In addition; there is always the question on how to control the noise with hard flooring surfaces.


 Vibrant area rugs in all shapes, sizes and colors provide the solution to both noise control and the look and feel of warmth.  Additionally; area rugs define and frame in a space with in a room, even over carpet.  Regardless of your style and taste, area rugs also provide a great opportunity for a statement piece in the space.  This temporary accessory can easily be changed out to give an updated color or style rather inexpensively without the remodel cost of the entire room.

There are many great advantages to hard surface flooring – the fun of designing with area rugs is just one of them.

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Following these five simple tips on “how to hang pictures” will help put the finishing jewelry on a well designed room.
1.Always hang a picture or portrait at EYE LEVEL. Hanging pictures above eye level takes the eye to the wall; creating a disconnection from the rest of the room’s décor’.
2.Group pictures and family portraits, either, on a side table or on the wall. Photos scattered throughout makes a room look cluttered. Groupings of pictures or photos make a larger impact and you can be sure that visitors will look at each one of them in this arrangement.
3.When grouping pictures or photos, the frames should always be in the same color with various patterns and sizes. The same color of matt should also be used in all the pictures. Using the same frame color showcases one large cohesive art gallery.
4.Arrange groupings of pictures or photos on the floor prior to hanging on the wall. Be sure to keep the same distance of wall space around all four sides of the picture – two inches works well. You can make a wall template out of paper as a trial prior to hanging the actual picture. Not only does the template save on filling nail holes, it saves time.
5.When hanging just one picture; make sure the size of the picture fits the size of the wall. For example; a small picture gets swallowed up on a large wall. The same is true for a large picture on a small wall – it will over power the wall and the room. If the wall is 3 feet or under; consider leaving the wall blank. Too many pictures in a room is visually confusing!


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