ImageInterior Design is a story you tell without saying a word.   Many people don’t have the time to decorate a  space the way that they would like.  The question is; What is your style?  To find your style; start the design of a room by finding an inspiration piece.  An inspiration piece is an item that you love.  For example; a painting, cool accessory, a piece of fabric with vibrant colors or a piece of furniture.  Spring board from this piece by adding a wall color to compliment it.  From there, pull in other pieces that match and meld the color and style of your inspiration.  Not only will this tip help you determine your style, it will also help you move toward a cohesive design that you will love.

NEED HELP WITH YOUR NEXT INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT?  Julie Stone has 25 plus years in interior design experience and can help transform your home into a personalized space that you will enjoy living in.

HOME STAGING is the very best proven way to help a home sell faster. As an Accredited Staging Professional, Julie Stone can set the scene throughout the house to create immediate buyer interest.  If the house is priced right and looks better than the competition, the house will sell in less time.

For more Design and Home Staging tips; visit my blog at or contact me at 616-581-2759 or e-mail for your next design project or home staging needs.

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