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Simple and Elegant Fall Decorating Tips

Recently, I had the opportunity to write an article for a new magazine in the West Michigan area. It is WEST MICHIGAN WOMEN. Not only is it FREE, it is a great publication. The below article can be found in the Fall 2012 publication.

When decorating your home with the splendor colors of fall; keep it simple and cohesive for a stunning look. Start by selecting three main areas of your home to incorporate fall décor. More than three decorated areas will make your home look overdone and exhausting to the eye. The front entry, the fire place mantel and the dining room table all lend itself to the perfect large display areas.

A few design tips to follow when decorating for the Holiday;
1. Within each of your display areas, select items that range in height from high to medium to low. Items all at the same level are boring and get lost in the display. Items at different levels provide interest as the eye zig zags through the display. A great design trick is to utilize glass dishes to help provide the varied heights like a cake stand.
2. Always group your display items. Ghosts and goblins spread about the room get lost within the holiday décor that you are creating. Grouping your fall items makes a huge impact for everyone to admire.
3. When grouping your fall decorator pieces, keep them in odd numbers like 5 or 7 for smaller items and 1 or 3 for larger items. Odd number s of items work best for good design flow.
4. Large trays are a great way to define a display area.

My favorite fall colors are the traditional orange, olive green, golden yellow and brown. Utilize the same color pallet in each selected area, but, mix up the items within the display. For example;

The front entry – cut tree branches in a vase with lightly wrapped lights and orange ribbon to provide dramatic lighting for the front entrance. Add orange pumpkins and colorful leaves around the vase for a simple and elegant entry for your guests.

The fire place mantel – line the mantel, again with the same tree branches, lights and a different color of ribbon, like golden yellow, which will help continue the cohesive theme. Mix in pinecones and gourds within your selected color pallet. To give the varied height pieces within the display, use candles of different sizes. Candy corns in a glass jar around a candle not only add a fun festive look, but also add vibrant color to the display.

The dining room table – my favorite Holiday center piece is to utilize a set of three candle sticks placed on a tray. Candlesticks in all finishes and ranging from high, medium, and low are a staple in my home. There are numerous uses for the candlesticks other than the traditional candles. For the fall décor, pumpkins on the candlesticks are perfect for a WOW center piece. Wrap the candlesticks with the same sticks and lights as the other display areas and wrap with, again, ribbon of a different color like olive green.

Keeping your fall display’s simple and cohesive will show your guests the elegance of the season.